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8123 Fashion Blog: Trends To Try

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There are always new trends being introduced as fashion evolves from season to season. Some trends are new and some are updated and reintroduced. Sometimes these trends can be a little much or out there, and I know people are scared to try them sometimes. Even if you like the trend, it can be hard to jump into something so different as you might feel out of your skin.

Today I am sharing with you three new trends that I have been a little unsure about, I like them but am not sure if I can personally pull them off. But they are very cute, and when worn the right way, are super fashionable!

1. The updated Overalls.


1. Topshop. For a more simple style, try the tradition short overalls. Update them and keep them fashionable by wearing a cute crop top underneath. 2. Unif. Go updated and more high fashion with the already cropped cut out overalls. 3. Nasty Gal. Or you could go a alternate way and try the skirt-er-alls. Super cute for summer!


2. Bright all over tie-dye.


1. Dolls kills. Try the bright tie dye skirt and and pair it with a simple white crop so everything doesn't get too busy! 2. Unif. Try the overzied home dyed tee in a dress form! Pair with a dark denim jacket to play off of the bright colors in the tie-dye. 3. Urban Outfitters. Try a bright tie-dye tee with a simple black graphic that integrates well with the spiral of colors.

3. Flat Platform Sandals.

1. Wasteland. Try the see through platforms to add cool height that is almost invisible! Flat platforms give you great height and are kinder to the pain on your feet. 2. Urban Outfitters. The all black closed toed sandals almost blend the platform directly into the shoe so people aren't really sure if you are actually wearing them. 3. Solestruck. These simple platform sandals have the white on black to make the platform stand out!

If you are ever interested in trying a trend but are scared, go ahead and try it! You have nothing to lose but an awesome outfit.

-Cara, @instantlyruby

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