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8123 Fashion Blog: Grooming

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A lot of how good you look happens before you even get dressed! Yes, I'm talking about grooming. Weather you spend time on your hair, beard, or skin, you have to look and smell good, otherwise you aren't doing your hot outfit any good. So yes, grooming is part of fashion because it matters!

So I gathered some awesome grooming products that you can daily to clean up, get looking sleek, and smell amazing!

Body wash, Slick water, Beard oil and brush, and comb from Urban Outfitters. Shaving cream and face balm from The Art of Shaving. Facial toner from Kiehl's. Body wash and shampoo from Stussy.

If not groom for yourself, groom for your lady! She will appreciate the soft, sweet smelling skin when she comes in for a kiss!

HEADS UP READERS: I am going out of the country for 10 days, but I should have internet at some point. I will try to get one ladies fashion post and one mens post as well while I am gone, but I can't promise anything. They may not be on the right days either. So don't worry if their are no posts for a little, but I'll do my best to get you some!

-Cara, @instantly

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