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Greetings my friends, my name is Pat. 

Cool.... I decided to answer some of your questions on here so I could have a little more space than twitter to speak my mind. I had a good time doing this and will probably do more. Like always I suck at spelling/grammar and im not sorry. HEre is what you asked and I had to say in response. Enjoy. 

Ps. Hope to see you all on tour this Fall in the U.S and in OZ and Singapore next month along with UK/EU in November. Really excited to play some more new tunes for you and bring back some oldies. Already have some cool ideas. 


what do you usually mix with your alcoholic drinks?

- Im a wimp… I like vodka with fruit juice, pretty much any kind of juice if it is fresh. I am not much of a drinker but everyone and awhile I do enjoy some juice. 


what do you think you're going to do after the Maine? Once you guys have had years and years of success, what do you want to do?

- I want to be in this band forever, I really hope we can continue to create music until we just can't anymore. It is very inspiring seeing bands that have been around a long time and have continued to make great music and stand up for what they believe in. Artists like Tom Petty and Wilco that have fought for the music they make for many years and then have gotten to a place where they can create what they want whenever they want now. So I hope to see you at a show when we are all old a grey. As long as it is still fun we will be doing this in some form or another. 


will there be an 8123 round two?!?! It made this summer the best summer ever;)

- It was my favorite summer I have ever had! I think it will come back again and maybe not even us being on the tour who knows? The 8123 family is always growing and will continue to be able to grow with how much you guys have supported something that is so close to us. We are working on things all the time with other people that are involved with the 8123 family and it is going to continue to grow and evolve into something bigger than we could ever imagine. The 8123 family is not just the bands/photographers/producers/managers it becomes more and more clear everyday especially on this tour that it is all of you as well. Thank you for making it such a special thing and we can't wait to share it with more people. To really answer your question. Yes. We will do it again maybe other places maybe other bands and artists and we might not even be there. That is what makes this so special is that we will just do what feels right. Not thinking that far ahead right now! 


if you weren't a musician would you have went to college? what would you be doing now instead of music?

- That is so hard for me because for the past 10 years or so this has been all I wanted to do. As a kid I would always focus on one thing at a time, at first I was on the wrestling team and focused on that all day everyday, then i was into skateboarding and focused on that all day every day, then I started playing music and that has been all I do for the past ten years. I guess I would be skateboarding still if I had not discovered my love for playing music and everything involved with it. 


what makes The Maine's fan base different from any other band's fan base?

- So much, I can't really put my finger on it because it's magic. You guys are a family of your own and dig deeper into what we do than fans of a lot of other bands I see. We are all on a roller coaster together and who knows what is going to happen next and that is exciting. You guys give us the freedom to try what we want and you support that. I see tons of bands that feel trapped to sound a certain way because of pressure from fans or when they do change things up they feel pressure to try and sound like they a few years ago. We have never felt this and I love that, I do not think we would be happy trying to sound a certain way. There is so much music out there and we have so many ideas so why be stuck just doing one thing. I think when you try and sound a certain way that is when you make music that is not as great as what you have done before. It all goes two ways with us and you, we can only do certain things we try and do for you guys because of how much support you show us. This is really special.


was there a distinct point in the FH process when you knew the album was going to be something special? If so, when?

- One we started hearing ourselves in a different light it all clicked. Once we recorded the second song or so and heard what we could do with this new process it all came together. We started to get a lot more confident in our playing and just played and didn't think about it too much. We didn't know how it was all going to work out but that is what kept things exciting. We were nervous to record this way and that kind of brought a whole new energy. Sometimes it is bad to be comfortable. I think that is why we have had a completely different process for each album so far and have worked with different people. I think we made a record that captures and moment and that is what I hope we continue to do. It is raw and I love that. 


what do you consider the best moment you have ever spent with your family?

- Spending vacation in San Diego is pretty awesome, I kinda hated it when I was younger but now I really look forward to it every year. I used to be a beach hater….. Fuck haters…. jgkljdfkljsd sorry just spoofing and goofing.


how do you want to be remembered?

- Im not sure, I am just trying to enjoy my time while im alive and am trying to do something that I love and hopefully that can inspire others to do the same. Once I am just a dude laying in the dirt being eaten by bugs you can say whatever you want. 

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