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8123 FASHION BLOG: Introducing Tierney Wilson!

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Hi everyone! My name is Tierney Wilson and I will be contributing to the fashion blog series here on the 8123 site. I’m a small town girl from Michigan with a love for horses, art, healthy living and fashion. I am excited to start blogging and hopefully be able to portray my thoughts about fashion in a way to inspire others!



In the spirit of the Back To School Sale in the 8123 online store, this post is dedicated to heading back to school in style. Now, I get it, most people have to shop on a tight budget (I should be a professional by now) but you still want to be able to dress up to the latest fashions and look like a rock star when you walk through those school doors. So, how can you do that with limited funds? Something that I’ve found is, when shopping, pick clothing that you can wear a number of different ways and make adaptable to the changing climates that usually happen during the school year--unless you live somewhere that doesn’t get winter (jealous!). I find leggings, cardigans and neutral colored tops (that don’t scream spring or summer) to be very useful in achieving this. Forever 21 has a variety of different styles to pick from with fantastic prices. Below, I pieced together an outfit to show how you could transform a dress intended for summer into something a little cozier for fall.

The dress itself with a pair of flats (personally, I would go for brown faux leather oxfords from Urban Outfitters) would work perfectly for the warmer months. (Side note - how cute is the back?!) Or for even a more relaxed look, I am really loving the new The Maine merch here on the 8123 site! This new dress especially, and you can make it autumn worthy by pairing it with a denim jacket! Talk about making multiple outfits from one item!

Forever 21 - $24.99

 8123- $44.99 

Urban Outfitters - $39.99

For when it gets chilly you could pair it with some leggings or tights, a cute scarf, a jacket, and boots. The fun part about winter is you get to really play with accessories! Here are some suggestions:

Forever 21 - $5.80

Forever 21 - $12.80 

Forever 21 - $27.80

In summary, just purchase things that you can mix and match! You can create a number of different outfits without having to buy a number of different outfits. Good luck, and happy Back To School shopping!



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